Sunday, July 28, 2013

AllforgunTV Season 1 Preview

All for Gun is a blog by three guys giving their thoughts on firearms and accessories, ammunition, surviving zombies, and other random ramblings on all things gun. Newbies to experts are welcome! And now, we have begun a new addition: the allforgunTV YouTube channel! 

And now, it's finally here! AllforgunTV is active, and we now have the Season 1 Preview up in 720 HD. Have a look, and be sure to watch in full resolution (check the settings under the video, on the little gear emblem) with the sound on for the most fun.

Don't forget to visit allforgunTV on YouTube, too, and give the video a thumbs up, subscribe, and share it with your friends! You can click through to allforgunTV via the link in the menu bar above, or from within the embedded video below.

Upcoming n this season: Jeremy, Jason, and Dave fire 'em up at the range! We include comparisons of three very different .45acp pistols, three different 9mm pistols, a pair of AR-15s of different concept, plus a smattering of wheel guns! Find out what we think of each gun tested, laugh along with us, and maybe learn something, too!

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