Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thought of the Day - Inline with What?

I severely dislike "modern," inline muzzleloaders. What's the point in it, really? Sure, it slows the
Yep, they say this is a muzzleloader. Nope. Not to me.
reloading time, preventing a hunter from taking a second shot as quickly. But when you have a precision rifled barrel, a high quality scope, and a sabot projectile that's the size and shape of a .338winmag bullet, being pushed by 150 grains of high potency black-powder replacement with velocity and accuracy rivaling current bolt action rifles out to 250 yards ... I mean really. Why?

Stainless barrels, camo synthetic stocks, carbon fiber ramrods. What the hell? This isn't muzzleloading, it's being compliant with laws for muzzleloading hunting. Some areas open special early or extended deer seasons for people hunting with muzzleloaders. The technical definition of muzzleloaders - a gun that is loaded through its muzzle - allows these modern high performance rifles to be used during those special seasons, which were supposed to be for hunters willing to take an extra step at sportsmanship with a self-imposed handicap of hunting with old weapons that are limited in range, accuracy (to a degree), and require more skill and knowledge to use than a bolt action with a scope. Imagine asking the average hunter to assemble his own ammo cartridge before taking a shot at a whitetail? That's muzzleloading. Dropping a couple compressed powder pellets down the muzzle and stuffing a plastic sabot with a ballistic tipped 200 grain jacketed projectile on top of the powder, then using a 209 shotgun primer that ALWAYS fires instantly and always ignites the powder pellets is ... well, that ain't muzzleloading. Sorry if it's how you do it, but stop calling it muzzleloading, especially if your gun has a scope on it.

Give me a Hawken; a Kentucky rifle; a Springfield 1861; anything with a side-lock and iron sights! I like a powder flask, a number 11 primer or musket cap, and a good ol' hunk of lead sitting on top of a greased cloth patch! Give me those open iron sights that are so thin and black that they might as well not exist after 4pm! Give me a wood stock and a brass buttplate! Hell, give me a flintlock! Give me traditional muzzleloading or give me ... well, anything but that inline crap.
A traditional Kentucky Rifle. Beautiful, I think. This is a real muzzleloader.

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