Thursday, July 11, 2013

TOTD - Passion or Practicality?

I've struggled with this in all aspects of my life for as long as I can remember. Should I go purely with practicality, or follow the urge in my gut that makes me giddy? It's an age old question: head or heart?

Kel-Tec PF9. Solid single-stack 9mm
The Practicality.
Following my head, in terms of what I know I need, I my next handgun should be a slim, compact 9mm pistol that can easily conceal in summer attire. Something such as this KelTec PF9 or a Ruger LC9. Practical, since it fits the needs I am missing and I already have another 9mm, the Glock 19. Some people would say I don't need the single stack compact nine because of the Glock, but it creates quite a lump in a tshirt. I need something less conspicuous.

Now, if I ignore my own brain's advice, above, I would wind up
Springfield Armory Range Officer 1911.
The Passion.
with something I've always wanted: a 1911. There are several good buys on the market now, from Remington R1's to various models from Springfield Armory (such as the Range Officer shown here) that adhere to my tastes in .45's. And sure, there's some practicality in owning one. But is this what I really need now? No, it's not. Is it what makes me giddy and want to go to the shooting range? You betcha.

Decisions, decisions...

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