Sunday, September 29, 2013

Muzzleloading for Deer

With the air getting cooler and that fall breeze blowing in we've got the windows open and the AC shut off this weekend down here in Alabama. Whenever the weather starts getting breezy like this I always get antsy to get out in the woods and try to bring a deer in to the freezer. Muzzleloading season is right around the corner here so I thought I'd share one of my older hunting posts from my Homesteading website.

Muzzleloading for Deer at Crowsonshire

My muzzleloader is a side-lock CVA Bobcat, which is a very budget friendly gun, but lacks the aesthetically pleasing wooden stock. I've been on a mission to find or craft a replacement for the synthetic black stock that came on the gun, but as I've found online, it seems that any replacement I come up with is gonna cost me more than the entire gun did to start with. I'm no woodworker, but I'll probably go the route of trying to carve my own stock out of some walnut wood I have in the garage. I'll be sure to update with any progress I have here at

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  1. I never thought an article like this could tweak my muzzleloading gene and leave me wanting more on the subject. Maybe it tweaked yours, too? So I will soon post several tips and recommendations about muzzleloader hunting that are based upon my own experiences. Stay tuned.


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