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Practical Tactical
The ultimate practical tactical carbine.

The majority of weapons, accessories, and ammunition discussed on this site fall under the "practical" category. Practical firearms also fill the role of tactical firearms for most people.

Many people think of "tactical" as high-speed, military and police type weapons systems that are designed purely for killing people in combat situations. This is mostly true. However, we'll explain how creativity and education can blur the lines between practical and tactical. You can have a "tactical" weapon that's practical for you, on a budget.

Whistlin' Dixie
Changed the west. Changed the game.

So, you want to be a cowboy, do ya? Yeah, me too.  How can you watch a Clint Eastwood movie with six-guns and Henry rifles, horses, brothels, and wide open wild west, without dreaming of living that freedom?  Of course, often the heroes wound up in jail, the bad guys killed lots of good guys, and life was way tougher than it is now. 

But still, there's something about the smell of dew-covered cow shit in the morning.  Smells like ... well, it's certainly not victory.  Perhaps it's a romanticized old American west of freedom and justice for the little guy.  All he needed was a Peacemaker, honor, and grit to get the job done and live the dream.

Oldies 'n Oddities
A favorite antique rifle.

For you antique and curio fanatics. No, these aren't cowboy guns.  These are antique gems like the M1 Carbine, the Mosin Nagant, the Lee Enfield, collectible handguns like the original Smith & Wesson Pocket Revolvers, and many others from the era prior to modern.

  • History in the Air - Lewis and Clark's Girandoni air rifle
  • Check back soon for a review of my 1944 Mosin Nagant!

A nice example of a real muzzleloader.

Black powder and boomsticks, mostly traditional. I'm not much into inline muzzleloaders. Posts here are about Hawkens, Kentucky rifles, cap-and-ball revolvers and such.


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