Zombies and Survival

The zombie apocalypse; Armageddon; TEOTWAWKI; whatever you want to call it ... here are survival tips should the unthinkable happen.


  1. Check out the trailer for the new NBC show Revolution. Should be along these lines too.

  2. On suggestion, I just watched the trailer. Looks very cool! There may be parts of it a little hokey for my tastes, but it's JJ Abrams, so it'll be great overall. So far, the only I see that I don't like about it is that it's up against Castle, one of my favorite shows.

  3. A half-dozen SWAT teams show up with the CDC in tow and the zombie outbreak is completely suppressed -- just like the last three attacks we had here in New York. Zombies aren't anything to be worried about.
    Werewolves, on the other hands...

  4. So what happens after the werewolves eat the SWAT teams? Ah ha. Now you need to know how to survive zombies again! lol


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